IP Advice & Strategy

Developing and maintaining a strategic approach to your business’s IP rights could be the difference between your company thriving or being overtaken by the competition.

Advice on developing and maintaining your IP assets

Intellectual Property (IP) rights can provide a number of significant benefits to your company.

  1. IP rights can provide protection against a competitor using your products or brands
  2. Registered IP rights can be an asset. They can help convince financial institutions to invest in a business, enabling more money to be raised for development.
  3. IP rights can be used to generate revenue through licensing or selling your IP rights to others.
  4. Your IP rights could potentially also be used as a bargaining tool if you are accused of infringing another company’s IP rights.
  5. Registered IP can enhance the “cutting-edge” reputation of your business.
  6. You may be able to benefit from a reduced rate of corporation tax on profits generated by products that relate to your patents using the UK Patent Box scheme.

On the other hand, the IP rights of others can cause your company problems if they are not identified and assessed early enough, or if those IP rights are not handled in the right way.

Developing Your IP GOAL

It is therefore important to have a complete strategy for your business when it comes to IP. At Sanderson & Co. we believe that a comprehensive IP strategy should consider four main areas:

Generating IP rights

Obtaining IP rights

Avoiding IP rights of others

Leveraging your IP rights

We can help you develop an IP strategy specific to your business that covers all four of these areas.


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