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Copyright is the intellectual property right that protects your own original artistic or literary work, or that of your company, from being copied.

An essential feature of copyright protection is that a work must be original and for there to be infringement of copyright, copying must have taken place.

Proven independent creation of an artistic or literary work escapes infringement.

If you or your company have produced an original work on which you wish to capitalise, then copyright protection may well be able to prevent the theft of your efforts.

Copyright is a vast and complex area of law but Sanderson & Co. has the expertise to see you sail through the aspects of the process that need outside assistance such as ownership and enforcement.

What can be protected by copyright?

Principal works normally protected are:

  • Literary or dramatic works
  • Musical compositions
  • Drawings, paintings – the output of artists
  • Photographs and films
  • Performances
  • Sound and video recordings
  • Broadcast and cable programmes
  • Typographical arrangements – how the written word appears on the printed page
  • Computer programmes
  • Databases (under so called “database right”)

What types of work fall into these categories?

  • Tables or compilations
  • Computer software
  • Works of dance or mime
  • Musical performances
  • Graphical works
  • Photographs
  • Sculptures
  • A work of architecture
  • A work of ‘artistic craftsmanship’

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"We have been working with Sanderson & Co for a number of years now since our formation. They have been extremely helpful in protecting and enforcing our rights.

We very much enjoy working with them - they are friendly and approachable and have an excellent understanding of the issues faced by internet businesses."

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