Case Studies

Progressive Sports Technologies Ltd.

"When I went to Sanderson & Co. I had no knowledge of patent attorneys. I was just an individual with a good idea and they agreed to help me at a reduced rate."

"We still use them now and it all stems from that original relationship. We find them to be very prompt, reliable, easy to contact and competitively priced as well."

Ross Weir - Managing Director, Progressive Sports Technologies Ltd.

Ross Weir didn’t set out to be an inventor – like most individuals with a good idea he found himself designing a product to make his life easier at work.

As a fitness instructor Ross invented a device known as the Gripmaster – a fingerless hand pad that enabled the wearer to grip on tightly when using gym equipment.

He went to Sanderson & Co. with the product nine years ago and asked for their help in gaining patent protection.

They succeeded and Ross went on to license the product to Reebok and set up a company called Progressive Sports Technologies. Sanderson & Co. has helped him and the company ever since. Six people, including Ross, now work at the company based at Loughborough University’s Innovation Centre.

The company has developed a range of products, covered by a growing patent portfolio handled by Sanderson & Co. These include the Deck – a versatile exercise bench also licensed to Reebok.

Since the Deck was launched at the beginning of 2006, it has already sold 80,000 units retailing at around £100 each.

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