Design Registration

Protect the appearance of your products.

The look of your design includes the:

  • appearance
  • physical shape
  • configuration (or how different parts of a design are arranged together)
  • decoration

If you think your product has a look that everyone will want, or which adds value in other ways, you could be at risk of having it copied.  This could affect your revenue – but a design registration for that product could assist in keeping potential imitators at bay.

Registering your design will protect the look of its physical form or features and gives you a monopoly in that design.  This enables you to take action against imitation and copying.

Should I register my design?

There are different kinds of protection which may apply to designs. Sanderson & Co. offers advice and guidance on what is the best approach for your business. Our design registration services give you an easy and affordable way to get your designs registered in the UK and world-wide.

Can I use my design?

Before you spend money marketing your goods, we can help you ensure that you or your company are not unwittingly infringing someone else’s design registration.

You may think that your design is original but if you have thought of it, so too may someone else...


If you would like information on how to protect your designs, please contact one of our attorneys.



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